Unreal Tournament 2003 Update

Posters Name: Kagato
Posters Email: kagato@mwgl.org
Subject: Unreal Tournament 2003 Update

Yep, it's still not done, but it sure sounds like it's getting close for UT 2003. Epic Games' CliffyB has posted an update on the status of playable demo (not to mention the final product) for Unreal Tournament 2003. Here's the word:

Not much longer folks.

Menus have been reworked and are being ironed out.

Server browser is almost finished.

We're focusing on testing the maps that are shipping with the demo.

4 maps will be in the demo: (forgive me if this has been posted before)

ANTALUS - DM map in an exterior setting. Beautiful grass, rolling hills, neat rock structures around, etc...
ASBESTOS- DM map in a factory style setting.
CITADEL - CTF map - Like Face, but with multiple paths.
ANUBIS - Bombing Run map - tons of fun.

Level Designers are reviewing the AI in their maps to make sure that the bots know how to Shieldgun jump, Translocate, Double Jump, and Low Grav jump to EVERY available spot in their maps.

The single player campaign is being tested and finalized.

The Redeemer is in and fully functional and is very close to being bug free.

All levels are being finalized for ragdoll (low poly) collision.

Extras are being put in. Select a mesh for your player avatar and the voice is now hooked up to announce it. Kill someone with a redeemer and their body goes flying. Sound matches up with the redeemer explosion properly. Mutators are being tested in random combinations with each other. Instagib with zoom and translocator and QUAD jump is quite a kick!

One thing that I'm excited about with the new UT - all of the gametypes will be very fun and viable online. Assault and the original Domination, as much as I love them, had some issues that prevented them from reaching their full potential online. Dom 2.0 and Bombing Run are right up there with CTF and other gametypes!

Hang in there guys!
I'm just itching for a new FPS game. Q3A is still fun as hell, but it'll be nice to try something new.

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