VeriSign In Trouble With ICANN Again

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Subject: VeriSign In Trouble With ICANN Again

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN)has made 17 complaints about VeriSign (formally known as Network Solutions) in the last 18 months. ICANN is saying that VeriSign is not keeping accurate records of its customers, including one customer who registered a domain name using the fictitious name of "Toto" with the fake address of "Yellow Brick Road" in "Oz, Kansas.". ICANN is threatening to take away VeriSign's right to sell domains, if they do not clean up their act in 15 days.
According to VeriSign, of 10.3 million records, they pulled out 17 of these that have inaccurate data on it.
ICANN is also saying that, "VeriSign Registrar appears frequently to publish incomplete Whois data and to routinely ignore reports of inaccurate and incomplete contact data in its Whois database."
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