BAWLS - Not Just For Gamers

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Subject: BAWLS - Not Just For Gamers

While it may not be quite gaming news, anybody who's ever gone to any LAN event knows the drink of choice for diehard gamers has to be BAWLS. Now comes news from the New York Post that apparently gamers aren't the only ones hooked on this high caffiene soda, Wall Street loves it too! Not only that, but they've apparently signed a deal with CompUSA to start selling it in stores, only 3 test markets for now, but it's a start! Word:

Down on Wall Street, meanwhile, the drink is becoming the choice stimulant for those who stay up late to see how the Nikkei opens, rather than spend extra hours in front of a PlayStation. "I drink one [BAWLS] in the morning and one around 3 in the afternoon," said Peter, a Wall Street trader who asked that his last name not be used. "I stopped drinking coffee when I found [BAWLS]."

A Goldman Sachs employee said one of the firm's techies suggested it to him one morning, and he's been hooked since. "[I drink] two each day at work and one when I get home. My girlfriend thinks I'm nuts, but it's better than the '80s way of doing [cocaine] all day."
Now if only they could get themselves into a grocery chain or two, would be alot easier to go down the street to pick up a case rather than having it delivered.
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