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Subject: AI - How The Games Think

The blokes over at BBC News have a little article posted discussing AI (Artificial Intelligence)and how it is developed and used in today's games. This ain't your papa's AI for sure, these new batch of games definately have some distinctiveness beyond the old "if player1_distance <= weapon_range then shoot_the_noob". Word:

The makers of Medieval: Total War have drawn on the writings of ancient Chinese philosopher Sun Tzu to inform the artificial intelligence (AI) controlling the games computer players. Michael de Plater, creative director at Creative Assembly which made Medieval, said Sun Tzu's classic work The Art of War was a great guide for the writers of the AI. "He wrote large sections of it as concrete rules," said Mr de Plater. "We have built these straight into the AI." The rules give advice on what to do if enemies are approaching over bridges, how to outflank, when to press home an advantage and how to fight cautious and rash opponents.
I wonder if somebody would ever design a game that required 2 PCs to run? In terms of the first machine is for your to run the client on, the 2nd is for the AI module, to have it's own computing power purely for "thinking".
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