Soldier Of Fortune 2 Takes A Loss

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Subject: Soldier Of Fortune 2 Takes A Loss

SOF-LAND is reporting that the MODs Red Orchestra and H.E.A.T will stop coding for Soldier of Fortune 2, and start supporting Unreal Tournament 2003. Both MOD teams are stating that UT2K3 will have better MOD support and a bigger community.

This is a big blow to Soldier of Fortune. In my opinion these MODs were going to be key in the survival of SoF2. Now that these MOD teams are jumping ship I believe the SoF2 community will as well. You can only play so much of the boxed version gametypes.

Although I was unable to get a responce from the H.E.A.T team, I did get a link for Red Orchestra's statement. I will try to get some quotes for you guys soon. Thanks to MajOverkill for passing us the news!
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