Intel And The Future Of Computer Privacy...

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Subject: Intel And The Future Of Computer Privacy...

According to an article in the Boston Globe,

"...Intel Corp. said yesterday that its next generation of microchips, due next year, would include anti-piracy features that will protect computers against hackers and viruses while giving digital publishers powerful new tools to control the use of their products...[allowing] Hollywood, the recording industry, and software makers much stronger controls over the way consumers use their digital music, films, and computer programs. Publishers, for example, may prevent PCs that run LaGrande and Microsoft Corp.'s software-based Palladium security technology from copying CDs, forwarding certain documents, or running unlicensed software...'These systems are likely to police copyright by watching who consumes what,' said Chris Hoofnagle, legislative counsel with the Washington-based Electronic Privacy Information Center. 'There are grave consequences for privacy with these systems,' he added."
Hmmm...AMD to follow suit?
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