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Say what you will about Battlefield : 1942 being a WWII era based Operation Flashpoint, I still find it to be a much more enjoyable game (maybe that's why I gave Squirre1 my copy of OFP). Anyhow, the fine folks at ShackNews have posted an interview with EA assistant producer Jamil Dawsari, discussing their soon-to-be-in-stores Battlefield : 1942, go figure. Snip:

Shack: What really sets this game apart from other first person shooters?

Jamil: Well, a couple of things really, the first is it's a totally new game engine, Refractor 2. Unlike other engines, R2 can handle everything from huge landscapes, big ships, fast aircraft and individual soldiers...all in the same environment. You're looking at an engine which runs models made up of thousands of polys (4K for a soldier (with facial animations), 2k for a jeep, 10k for the battleship) AND still gives you framerate of over 45 fps on your mid- to high-end machines.

Add to that the game's focus...action, pure and simple. When you hear people swapping their favorite in-game stories you know you've got something special. Whether it's the tank team who destroy a jeep as it's careening towards them, only to have the jeep go airborne and take out the machine-gunner in the cupola...sheer comedy! Or the pilot who bails out of his flaming plane and watches its carcass slam into the AA gun which shot him down as his buddy in the two-seat dive-bomber zips by and picks him up in mid-air. Its all about those special moments which make you sit back and that REALLY just happen?
I just wish I could coax my local Electronics Boutique guy to gimme my copy early.
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