Understanding Your BIOS

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Subject: Understanding Your BIOS

Wayne Hardman of arstechnica has written an article to help understand and tweak your BIOS for optimal performance of your PC. Disclaimer:

"Most PC users don't even know what a BIOS is, "where" it is, "how" you "see" it, and what you can do with it. That's hardly surprising, because most users purchase OEM machines, and OEMs aren't too excited about users tinkering with their BIOSes. That's one of the reasons why the BIOS on any given machine may or may not have most of the settings I'm about to talk about. That's also why we need to be clear: we cannot take responsibility for your system should you choose to attempt any modifications based on the material herein. While we have done our best to make sure that this information is accurate and applicable, we cannot be sure how the BIOS on your system is actually set up or how it specifically implements some of the options. You can completely hose your OS install if things do go wrong. But hey, you're reading this, so you already know that performance seeking isn't for the lazy nor the timid."
Happy Tweaking!

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