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Subject: Preview For NOLF 2

pc.ign has a preview of No One Lives Forever 2, which includes 9 videos. A small taste:

"New smart objects that are essentially pieces of non-interactive environment have a sort of function that enemies can play off of. I guess that makes them interactive, non-interactive environment objects. Not only do they make scripts livelier and more believable (badguys will turn and work at consoles or sit in chairs), but they also seem to work with combat, in that enemies will recognize and play off of them accordingly. This makes leaping ninjas and rolling Russians more effective, believable, and active. Some jump on ledges, others hide and go prone behind cars, etcetera, etcetera. Honestly, it may all even be dynamic, the way they react. The point is that they behave in constantly changing enough ways that their routine never feels predictable. It's like the fights are actual fights and the enemies are doing their best to not get killed."
The new generation of AI in games?
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