Safe, Wire-Free Electricity

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Subject: Safe, Wire-Free Electricity

While not really gaming related, I thought it'd be rather cool for those of you who haven't heard about this new product from the folks at MobileWise. Although currently aimed at mobile/laptop users, the uses for this technology could be almost endless. Basically, instead of running the AC/DC adaptor to the back of you're laptop, you just your unit on the Wire-Free-Electricity Base(TM) and your laptops batteries get charged. Word:

The flat surface of the Wire-free Electricity Base resembles a small desk blotter. Once a MobileWise-enabled device is placed anywhere on the Wire-Free-Electricity Base, it will be powered and charged, as if it is plugged to an electric outlet. The Wire-Free-Electricity Base is as safe to use as a mouse pad - without concerns about liquid or food spills. It's even safe to place metallic or magnetic objects on it. It emits no harmful radiation, and causes no radio interference.
Definately cool stuff.

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