Tribes 2 Patch Issues

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Subject: Tribes 2 Patch Issues

Apparently the planed "re-release" of Tribes 2 has run into a few snags, as can be read in this post on the Tribalwar Forums by Sierra's Alex Rodberg. Apparently they ran into a number of issues with the recently-released TRIBES 2 patch that were not discovered during beta testing. These issues have pushed back their planned in-store release of the re-release (say that three times fast) until around November 27 in order for them to resolve the issues. Quick rundown of the known bugs:

We are aware of the following problems.

All T2:
  • a known issue that affects servers running dual AMD processors
  • missing reticles

    In TR2
  • a known issue with the queue not working
  • a bug that allows looting of dead bodies
  • a bug that allows people to get past the OOB grid
  • a bug with armor changes when changing positions
  • a compression bug
  • I have to admit, after the demise of Dynamix (i.e. Sierra axed them), I thought all was lost, but the fact that they continue to work on issues, is a good sign and has restored a bit of my faith in the gaming industry. End of line...

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