Corsair Adds to XMS Line Of DDR Memory

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Subject: Corsair Adds to XMS Line Of DDR Memory

Pure computing enthusiasts who demand nothing but the best for their gaming rigs probably rely on Corsair Memory, especially those who overclock. If you think that memory has possibly been holding you back on how high you can push your FSB, then check out the announcement Corsair made today announcing a new line of chips in their XMS brand line. Including a 256MB and 512MB module, these babies are guaranteed to be capable of running 434Mhz @ CAS2 timings! Word

Corsair Memory, Inc., an industry leader in ultra-performance DDR DRAM modules for gaming and overclocking applications, has announced that it is now offering two new eXtreme Memory Speed ("XMS") modules tailored specifically for ultra-performance computing enthusiasts. The first part, Corsair part number CMX512-3500C2, is a 512 MByte module guaranteed to operate at 434 MHz with a Column Access Strobe ("CAS") latency of just two cycles. The second part, part number CMX256A-3500C2, is a 256 MByte DDR DIMM with the same performance specifications.
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