RtCW Meets The Wild West

Posters Name: Kagato
Posters Email: kagato@mwgl.org
Subject: RtCW Meets The Wild West

Looking for something a little bit different to spice up your Return to Castle Wolfenstein gaming experience? Why not try out the new WildWest mod. Players get their choice of either playing as a Cowboy or Bandit playing in 3 new multi-player maps which include 11 new "authentic" and one "not quite authentic" weapons including colts, Harper's Ferry musket, and dynamite sticks. One interesting note about the mod:

Unlike Wolf, taking hits will cause you injury and slow you down. This is great when you're the attacker as you can see the results of your attack on the enemy but if you're the one taking the damage you'll find yourself praying you can make it to cover before your finished! Players can now recuperate some health by resting. If your stamina is at full, you will regain health up to a maximum of 69. Again this should highlight the importance of taking cover when you're under fire or hit.
They're even added a few small features such as animated horses and characters. So throw on your chaps and get in the game partna.

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