UT2K3 Tournament

Posters Name: Anthos
Posters Email: Anthos@mwgl.org
Subject: UT2K3 Tournament

Well, the second tournament is now done and out of the way. It was an exciting mix of free-for-all deathmatch and one-on-one. After a few rounds to narrow it all down; dbh, TrueSign, and Thief (aka Adam) were the last three left. It was a close battle to remain in the top two to play for first place, but TrueSign pulled in just above Thief, placing Thief in third place a mere couple of hours after installing the game! The final match was dbh versus TrueSign. A bloody drawn out battle that truly came down to the wire. After the fifteen minute timelimit hit, the guys were neck and neck with a score of eighteen. After a lengthy battle between the two during the sudden death overtime, dbh fired a disappointinly aimed rocket into the floor a little too close and lost a squeaker 18-17. Congratulations to the winners. Also, great job to TrueSign, another participant who installed the game for the first time only a couple hours before winning the whole thing.

I must say, for the first tournament in UT2K3, it went very smoothly once the servers got set up correctly :) Great job to all the participants.

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