D-Link Wireless for Your Console

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Subject: D-Link Wireless for Your Console

D-Link announced a new version of the D-LinkAir DWL-810 Ethernet to Wireless Bridge that adds the ability to connect gaming and entertainment consoles to the Internet. The new version of the DWL-810 allows an Xbox or PS2 to link up and connect in either ad hoc mode, one console to another console, or infrastructure mode, over the Internet or to an 802.11b wireless network with a wireless access point or router.

"The D-LinkAir DWL-810 has given gamers a convenient and fun way to connect their systems to each other and the Internet in order to enjoy a new world of gaming experiences," said Steven Joe, President of D-Link. "This D-Link Ethernet to Wireless Bridge will allow gamers from around the world to join together in cyberspace to participate in the increasing numbers and genres of games and online communities."

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