Future UT2003 Patch info released

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Subject: Future UT2003 Patch info released

Word came out on Fileplanet the other day, that Steven Polge, with Epic, announced some of the upcoming changes that will be included in the next UT2003 patch.

Included in these are

friendly fire kills affect team scores
allow weapon throwing with weapon stay on (but can't pick up thrown weapon if already have that weapon), plus added configurable gameinfo property bAllowWeaponThrowing (default true)
don't spam "you are ready/not ready" messages to console before game starts
fixed FFA DM overtime end conditions
Ability to have custom announcer voices. Make a new announcer voice pack (with the same sound names as the original AnnounceMain.uax), named NewPackName.uax (where NewPackName = whatever you want to call it), and put it in the ut2003\sounds directory. Then, in the User.ini file (in the UT2003\system directory) change: [UnrealGame.UnrealPlayer] CustomizedAnnouncerPack="NewPackName"
fixed strafe toggle
support longer playernames on scoreboard/HUD
show FPH in scoreboard
fixed flags sitting on ground in CTF-Citadel
made team section of HUD scaleable
more minigun ammo
really fixed 4 rocket bug
Fixed DM-TokaraForest flags showing up
fixed CTF-LostFaith KillZ
spectating maintains view - when a player dies it continues to view the player when they respawn.
improved texture precaching, removing a few early hitches
moved arena mutator config and maplists from user.ini to ut2003.ini
update .ini files without overwriting them! (except for settings added or changed since we shipped)
fixed bug when had more than 16 bots total on custom teams
improved translocation (less failures)
link alt no blood
don't lose adrenaline if switch teams to team with less players

Those are just the gameplay patches upcoming. Even more is being done with video, sound, and hud performance. Looks like Epic is really working on making this game as good as it can possibly be.

Source: FilePlanet (http://www.fileplanet.com)

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