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Subject: Neverwinter Nights - Collector's Edition

I'm not really sure why you'd wanna wait this long after a games release to offer a "Collector's Edition", but apparently Atari and Bioware are doing just that. They have announced plans to release a CE of Neverwinter Nights that should be on shelves around November 28th and carry a price tag of $79.99 (ouch!). What all do you get for that much green from the 'ol wallet? How about:

The Neverwinter Nights Collector’s Edition will feature all of the groundbreaking game play found in the original, including an extensive 100+ hour official campaign, which is also playable in multiplayer mode; the amazing Neverwinter Nights Toolset which lets players create their own adventures, and the Dungeon Master client that allows players to step into the shoes of the Dungeon Master to tell their own stories; and, most importantly, access to an absolutely thriving player community brimming with content and support.

• The Art of Neverwinter Nights – The first ever collection of Neverwinter Nights art features 120 pages of exclusive artwork straight from the creative geniuses at BioWare. The book comes loaded with concept art, ‘never before seen’ sketches and images with a foreword by Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk.

• Official Neverwinter Nights Soundtrack – Featuring the soundtrack from Neverwinter Nights in its entirety as composed by Jeremy Soule. Seventy-two minutes of compelling, heart wrenching and primal music.

• Official Sword Coast Map/Mouse Pad – The exclusive Neverwinter Nights Collector’s Edition mouse pad features a detailed overview of the Sword Coast – a large geographical area in the Forgotten Realms where the game itself takes place.

• Collector’s Edition DVD Case – The entire three-CD game is presented in a new exclusive DVD collector’s case.

• In addition, the Neverwinter Nights Collector’s Edition will also contain an exclusive 34x22 poster of Lady Aribeth – Pallidin of Tyr, as well as a long-sleeve, Neverwinter Nights T-shirt.
I suppose if you're into collecting, it may be worth it, shame they don't have a t-shirt stating "I bought the Collector's Edition of "insert game title here" and all I got was this lousy t-shirt".

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