Just a Friendly Hello !!!

Posters Name: Krogue
Posters Email: krogue@mwgl.org
Subject: Just a Friendly Hello !!!

Just wanted to say hello to everyone. News has been kind of slow in the PC world lately, but I didn't want anybody to think we had fallen off of the face of the Earth.

As noted above, we are working on scheduling the next MwGL LAN party (by the way, I think WE actually are the oldest LAN party in town -- hosting LAN get-togethers since 1996). We should have the next date nailed down very soon. Squirre1 has been working incredibly hard at instituting a reserved seating chart for registration, and we are also trying to simplify the registration process.

Our beloved tournament directors and server admins are also working on tweaks to the schedules and rules for tournaments to help things move along smoothly at events.

We once again want to thank everyone who came to the last LAN, and we hope you will come back again and again -- and bring new friends with you. Nothing would make us happier than filling the event to its maximum population.

As far as PC news is going, a few notable games have hit shelves since the last LAN event ... Age of Mythology being the most recognizable ... so hopefully we can try and play some new things at the next event.

Remember, if you have any thoughts or comments (or just want to rant), you can always do so in our forums. Our forum admins do pay attention to what you say, and we always try to work suggestions from our participants into our decision making process.

Well, have a good few weeks off, and we will see you at the next LAN.

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