VIA Licenses Quad Band Memory

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Subject: VIA Licenses Quad Band Memory

Looking to advance their position as leader in the chipset market, VIA announced today that they have licensed Kentron's Quad Band Memory technology to integrate into future core logic chipsets. Word:

The QBM controller interface license provides VIA and S3 Graphics with the necessary IP coverage to incorporate QBM into their line of core logic chipsets. QBM technology doubles the speed of Double Data Rate (DDR) memory devices while maintaining the existing 64-bit bus structure common in today’s general purpose computing systems and meeting market requirements for low cost memory modules.
With the introduction of QBM, not only does VIA stand to have the potential to double the current available memory bandwidth, but QBM DIMMs can be built with existing DDR chips. You can learn more about this new techonology over at VIA's QBM information page.

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