NOLF 2 Demo Due Soon

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Subject: NOLF 2 Demo Due Soon

Rumor has it that Monolith will be releasing a demo for their upcoming "No One Lives Forever 2 : A Spy in Harm's Way" title within the next day or so. Word:

Guess what a little birdie just told me? The NOLF2: ASIHW demo will be out in less than 24 hours!! The official demo will include four levels total from three of the game's 15 chapters and the locations will be Japan, Siberia and the never before seen, Underwater Base. Just think, by this time tomorrow, you'll be playing it yourself. And in just about 15 days, 2 will finally be here. It's hard to believe that almost two years have passed since NOLF entered our lives on November 3, 2000, and for many of us, changed our lives forever. I know I'm being dorky, but I don't care.
It's a Bond thing, you wouldn't understand.
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