Last Diablo 2 Player Finally Calls It Quits

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Subject: Last Diablo 2 Player Finally Calls It Quits

I imagine there's more Diablo 2 players in the world contrary to my subject, it's just that you rarely, if ever see one at a LAN Party. Anybody who's ever attended an MwGL event can attest to the fact that there's always been that one guy playing it, our very own Mojo Jojo. Shocking revelations today have been made and it appears that he to is finally turning a new leaf? Can it be true?

You all know me. You all know what my favorite game is. You all know my tendance to play a particular single person game in a room full of others playing muliperson games.

For those in the crowd who don't know me, I play Diablo 2. I play it a lot. I play it alone in a room full of people and don't invite anyone else to play with me. I have a problem and I have found the fix.

Which leads me to an announcement that I have to make.

I have stopped playing Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction.
And what is it that has finally pulled him away from the clutches Diablo?
I am sure that you all are reading this and wondering what has come over me. How could such a dedicated gamer like me put down all of this kick butt stuff and call it quits? Easy. Warcraft 3 hit my hard drive.
Well, at least Blizzard should be happy to know that he is still immersed in their products. Some day we'll have to introduce him to some FPS games, just a bit at a time so as not to overload the poor boy, haha.

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