Neverwinter Nights Beta Patch

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Subject: Neverwinter Nights Beta Patch

For those who may be experiencing a few issues (see below for what's fixed in the new Beta) not currently fixed with the latest Neverwinter Nights patch, you may want to try your hand at the new Beta Patch. Bioware has also released a client for those wanting to run a NWN server on Linux (woot!). Here's a quick rundown of issues resolved in the beta:

  • Resolved most SecureROM issues.
  • Added the option "Supress Base Servervault" to prevent listing characters in the root of a Server Vault:

    [Server Options]
    Suppress Base Servervault=0

  • Set this to 1 if you don't want your clients seeing character files from the root of the Server Vault.
  • Added code to handle bad save game data properly.
  • Invalid Character bug in Server Vault is fixed.
  • More DM Client fixes for factions and crashes
  • "dm_spawnitem" command readded to the game
  • more fixes that will be listed in the final patch notes
  • Be aware that it IS beta code and therefor has no implied support from the folks at Bioware (go figure). Or if the bugs aren't that bad, just wait for the final release, I imagine we'll see it sometime very soon anyhow.

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