Team Speak v2 Released

Posters Name: WaRMaN
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Subject: Team Speak v2 Released

For all you clans who depend on quality voice for team communications, there is great news in the community! Team Speak has released version 2 of its popular voice program. Better yet, you can download it from our files section under the catagory "Team Speak". Improvements include:

  • Support for lower latency. (Theoretically as low as 50 ms)
  • Support for better quality codecs. (CELP and GSM)
  • Support for user based logins
  • Support for per channel passwords
  • Support for temporary channels
  • Support for sub channels
  • Support for moderated channels for conferencing
  • Linux client--TeamSpeak uses fewer threads on a server now--Helps to conserve resources
  • TeamSpeak Super Server design--One program can start several TS servers
  • Web based management interface to the server
  • TeamSpeak Client/Server SDK's, for including in your games/applications.

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