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I don't know about you, but back in my days of youth, I can remember spending insane amounts of time at the 'ol arcade (Fun Factory) at the mall. Sure, as time went on, the graphics got better, but one of my favorites was always Midway's Defender. It definately wasn't a pretty game, compared to todays standards, but it, for me at least, proved to be quite a mesmerizing game, I'd hate to know how many hours I wasted away playing it. Well, for other fans who always enjoyed a good game of Defender, GameSpy has word that there's a sequel to Defender on it's way (Defender II doesn't count, it sucked in way of comparison to the original), and they've got the interview with George Collins, the man bringing us this sequel. Snip:

Gamespy - Is there anything I left out? Any final comments?

George Collins - There are two things that I think really add to the play value of this game. First -- the variety of the ships. There are six different ships in Defender, and the difference between them is not just in their appearance. They have different strengths and weaknesses that make them favor different styles of play. Some ships are slow, some are fast, and some have extra towing capabilities. Each ship has its own unique physics model, which means that some ships are good at doing stunts, while others have outstanding strafing and hovering capabilities. And each ship has unique special weapons. When you augment this kind of variety with the ability to customize a ship, there are a lot of variations to explore.

And finally, I'd like to mention something I personally really enjoy -- multiplayer. You can play against a friend in split-screen deathmatch, or you can cooperate with a player to complete missions in a split-screen mode. I love to play missions with a friend because you have to work together under extreme pressure. You learn a lot about people when you see how they handle impossible odds!
Word has it that they're looking for a November release, something us old gaming farts can look forward to.
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