Moral Minus Demo

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Subject: Moral Minus Demo

If there's one genre of games that doesn't get much attention or titles these days, it's gotta be a good 'ol vertical shooter. Look no further than Akatora's newly released Moral Minus. It's goes a tad beyond your typical shooter though, as it's renedered in full 3D graphics, including some rather snazzy effects. You can download the demo and give it a try. If 'ya like it enough, you can buy it online for a measly $16.95. Here's a brief description of the game, as taken from their site:

Moral Minus is a game in the same game genre as classics such as Capcom’s 19XX series, Cave’s Donpachi series and Treasure’s Ikaruga and Radiant Silvergun. The player pilots an airborne character, named Pher, with the aim to destroy the incoming enemies. Moral Minus is combining classic 2D game play with 3D real-time rendered backgrounds and objects.
Definately looks to be pretty cool, hopefully it plays as well as it looks.

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