Finally, a wireless optical mouse for gamers

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Subject: Finally, a wireless optical mouse for gamers

Tired of messing with mouse cords? Upset your wireless mouse isn't handling that new FPS game with precision? Well, thank Logitech for this new wonderous device. Not only is the MX700 wireless and optical, it has higher resolution and faster transfer rates than the other wireless mice, plus it comes with a docking station to recharge the batteries. Pretty kick arse to me. Here's a snip on the review from Extreme Tech:

The bottom line: Logitech has delivered a superb cordless mouse perfectly suited for gamers. It's not cheap, but you can finally be free of that annoying tether without having to sacrifice 3D gaming performance. It's also a great mouse for everyday use as well -- if you're right-handed. It's the most comfortable mouse we've used to date, and the additional page scrolling buttons offer some relieve for an overworked forefinger. The lack of tether is an ergonomic plus, too -- you're not always pulling on the tether, which can be surprisingly tiring after a long day.

Source: PC Magazine (,4148,,00.asp)

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