Phantom Crash Gold (XBox)

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Subject: Phantom Crash Gold (XBox)

There are times when I wonder why anybody would by an XBox, and then there are times I see games like Phantom Crash, which has just gone gold by the way, and wonder how quickly I can get to the store to pick one up! What's the game about anyways? Well, in a word:

If you are completely in the dark about the game, Phantom Crash takes the idea of robot warfare and adds a competitive edge with tournaments and cash prize incentives to upgrade your Scoobee, that's your robot to you and me. Naturally each Scoobee has its own unique features but there is one factor that stays constant, the optical camoflauge which adds that element of surprise to the combat which can be countered with detection devices which you'll need to equip.
Need more? Check out some of the screen shots. The game looks absolutely gorgeous, imho, I just hope it plays as good as it looks.

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