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Subject: Counter-Strike Xbox Information

The game that never seems to die, that being Counter-Strike, looks as if it's going to get another on the Xbox (dubbed CSX) according to word over at Ritualistic (info was originally publishe din Game Informer Magazine). Some of the new features of this release include:

  • CSX will offer all of the current CS material, the new Condition Zero content, and exclusive content including two weapons (Syringe and Machete), two solo missions, and at least five multiplayer maps.
  • CSX exclusive graphical enhancements include 24-bit texture quality, improved lighting and particle effects, and new color schemes.
  • Support for a widescreen aspect ratio and 480p progressive scan mode enhances the visuals and DD 5.1 provides an incredibly realistic soundscape.
  • Geometry of levels will be altered to account for the loss of precision that comes with the controller-interface; focus on horizontally-oriented action.
  • Hacks will be virtually eliminated from the closed gaming network that is Xbox Live; PKers and idlers will be automatically kicked from servers by Valve's anti-cheat software.
  • At least they are giving a graphics overhaul, which is much needed when compared to newer engines of todays newest batch of games. As a side-note, the NDA's for Half-Life 2 expire today, so expect to see ALOT of information and new screenshots to be making their way around the web today.
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