Multiplayer Test of RTCW : Enemy Territory Released

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Subject: Multiplayer Test of RTCW : Enemy Territory Released

At long last, fans of Grey Matter Studios' Return to Castle Wolfenstein can now give a go at the new RTCW : Enemy Territory multiplayer demo. Weighing in at 103MB, the test includes only one level at this point.

This TEST consists of one multiplayer map and represents an unsupported version of the multiplayer mode of ET. The final release version of ET will include six multiplayer maps and a full campaign mode. This is a TEST and players may find compatibility and performance issues that will be addressed before the final release. The purpose of this test is to report these issues so that we can address them prior to the release of the game. Players should also understand that the system requirements listed below are very close to what we expect in the release version.
As far as I can tell, you don't need the original RTCW to play this one either. You can find alternate downloads at FilePlanet.

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