Retail Release of Day of Defeat Golden

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Subject: Retail Release of Day of Defeat Golden

Although there are arguably better games these days (in terms of newer graphics, gameplay, etc.) it's still good to see that the retail release of Day of Defeat, probably the second most popular Half-Life mod next to CounterStrike, has gone golden. The cool thing about this release is that you don't need the original Half-Life to play, it's all there for you in one package.

Gamers get ready to finalize war plans and ready the reinforcements as Valve's Day of Defeat has gone gold. The multiplayer action-packed WWII game pits players in Axis vs. Allies squad-based combat in Western Europe at the height of the war in 1944. Day of Defeat is powered by Valve's Half-Life technology and is the first title to be published by Activision, Inc. under its new strategic partnership with Valve. The title is scheduled for release this May.
It will be interesting to see the support for this, considering we've got titles like Battlefield 1942 along with the Desert Combat mod, and other era-based titles as well.

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