Lowdown On Nvidia's nForce3 Chipset

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Subject: Lowdown On Nvidia's nForce3 Chipset

With the release of AMD's new line of Opteron chips (i.e. 64bit), you knew it'd only be time before Nvidia would announce their support for it, that being in the release of their nForce3 chipset. The folks at Bjorn3D have ripped into the official nForce3 PDF releases to break it down and let you know what it all means to you.

With the nForce2 NVIDIA managed to create a kick-ass product for the desktop. It is only natural that they continue the fine tradition and create a chipset for the professional market. The nForce3 Pro promises a lot and if these promises are fulfilled NVIDIA has another winner on their hands.
Just as a sidenote, the nForce3 chipset does NOT include support for dual channel DDR memory like many are used to from the nForce2 chipset, at least at it's initial release. If you'd like to read up on the Opteron itself, the reviews are slowing coming in, you can follow the links below to get a bit more up-to-speed.

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Source: Bjorn3D (http://www.bjorn3d.com/_preview.php?articleID=268)

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