SNK To Re-Enter US Market

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Subject: SNK To Re-Enter US Market

Console fans may remember the NeoGeo gaming system, released by the folks at SNK. Unfortunately, the system never really gained any footing here in the US and SNK eventually left the US market. Now it looks as if they are finally planning on a comeback in the US market, in the form of software/games, not hardware.

SNK NEOGEO USA Consumer has already been licensed by Nintendo to deliver Game Boy Advance games. PlayStation 2, PS one, GameCube and Xbox licensing deals are also being conjsidered. "Whether it's the current generation (of consoles) that we develop for, or its new platforms in 2004 or 2005, we are going to develop for them," said Herman. "We make games in Japan for PS2, and we plan to convert them—and make others—for play here in the states."

SNK is setting up shop at this year's E3 in the West Hall, booth # 3008 and will have playable (Japanese) versions of Metal Slug Advance and King of Fighters 2001. It will also be showing video footage of SNK vs Capcom. "We have not released any games in the U.S. since King of Fighters '99," explained Herman. "I've got a backlog of games from 2000, 2001 and 2002. Down the road we will have Samurai Showdown coming and a Metal Slug 3D game will also come out eventually."

SNK NEOGEO USA Consumer Corp. will stick to software exclusively, no hardware this time around.
What's amazing is the fact that they actually STILL develop games for the NeoGeo system in Japan, truly amazing considering the age of the system, then again, SNK did put out some amazing games for it as well.
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