Lollapalooza: Sponsored by XBOX

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Subject: Lollapalooza: Sponsored by XBOX

Microsoft and Lollapalooza today announced that Xbox will be the presenting sponsor for the upcoming summer tour. Lollapalooza will kick off after a 5 year break with more than 30 dates throughout the country. This marks one of Xbox's largest sponsorship deals since the gaming console launched 17 months ago.

Gaming competitions, contests and free playtime will be hosted at each Lollapalooza event in a centrally located GameRiot pavilion, featuring activities for everyone from casual to hard-core gamers. Concertgoers will be invited to test Xbox games and services during each daylong show.

"I love a challenge, and while we're on the road, I get off on Xbox," said Perry Farrell, co-owner and mastermind of Lollapalooza, as well as frontman for touring band Jane's Addiction. "We are practicing our music for the tour and our video gaming skills for tournament."

This is the perfect situation for XBOX in my opinion, because they are targeting an "exact" audience. Check out the concert at Sandstone Amphitheatre, on July 8th (Tuesday) in Kansas City, or at Riverport Amphitheatre in St. Louis on 9 July (Wednesday).

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