Infogrames Adopts Atari

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Subject: Infogrames Adopts Atari

You will begin to hear the company title "Atari" used alot in the near future due to the adoption of the title Atari by Infogrames.

The company's U.S. operations will now be known as Atari, Inc. Additionally, the Company's wholly owned subsidiary, Infogrames Interactive, Inc., which develops many of the games derived from the Hasbro line of board games, will change its name to Atari Interactive, Inc.

"In any language, Atari is synonymous with video games and it's recognized for transforming entertainment," said Bruno Bonnell, Chairman and CEO of IESA and Atari. "Our industry is now outpacing the Hollywood box office and by choosing Atari as our signature, we are demonstrating our commitment to this growth and our determination to take entertainment to the next level for gamers worldwide."

Are all of our games going to be developed in stunning 8-bit now? Haha, just kiddin'.

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