Desert Combat v.38

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Subject: Desert Combat v.38

The Desert Combat team has released their fifth alpha that is now compatable with the Battlefield 1942 v1.4 patch. There are alot of goodies added in, and some were snuck in early from what will soon be v.40 patch.

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Full Story:

Full 1.4 Compatibility
New Seal Raft with outboard motor
New Iraqi BMP-2 , an amphibious personnel carrier
Improved SCUD damage
New Iraqi GP30 grenade launcher
New US M203 grenade launcher
New US knife
New Tabuk Sniper rifle model and skin
New M25 Sniper scope
Improved sniper accuracy
All new radio command sounds
All new vehicle sounds
All new explosion sounds
Many new weapon sounds
Improved pistol firing speed
Realistic accuracy settings on all weapons
New T72 model and skin
New Bradley weapons setup
New Ural transport truck
New drivable forklift
New environment sounds
Added Binoculars to Assault
Added Skorpion sub machine gun
Tons of new static objects ranging from warehouses to cargo ships
New DC Al Khafji Docks map
New Inshallah Valley map from Flatline|44
Single player version of Eastings
Updated spawns on all maps to include BMP-2
New Mortar kneel position
New damage warning system added to high-tech vehicles

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