Eve Of Destruction 11% Release Today

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Subject: Eve Of Destruction 11% Release Today

You heard it right. EoD has released their update to 11%. One a good note it is also compatible with the new 1.4 Battlefield patch. So if you feel up to kicking some butt on a Vietnam based mod you can download it here. For what has been changed or added read on to find out.

Make sure you uninstall the old version or delete the EoD folder (battlefield1942/mods/eod)! Then install the new EoD 11% Demo in your Battlefield1942 folder!
Source: Planet Battlefield (http://www.planetbattlefield.com)

Full Story:
Important notes:
^ WAKE ISLAND does not work (it crashes)!!!
^No Singleplayer Support
^Delete old EoD version before installing the new
^Medipac does not work

Here's a list of the most important changes in EoD Alpha 11%:

* Hueys get 70% more hitpoints and little more agility/speed
* You have been waiting for this: fixed weapon reload animations
* One new map by Nefilim (who already made the Que Son valley)
* One new map by Dan (who already made Hill 937)
* Definitley CH47 Helicopter on Que Son Valley !!
* Camera position of gunner in Type63 AA tank adjusted
* One Mig 17 removed from Charly doesn't surf map
* Floating objects fix
* Definitley CH47 Helicopter on Que Son Valley !!
* BTR crash fix
* APCs more resistant against MG's
* Support class gets kind of medic funtion (not like the BF medic)
* Remington now less effective on distance and force-feedback crosshairs
* PPsh-41 less accurate in prone position
* Pistols have less fire-recoil
* Sharks added to Tonkin that eat every swimming flag camper
* Huey blades turn faster now
* Easier to kill troops with Huey M60's now
* Weapon smoke FX now less performance lagging and better looking - hey that's 2 in one
* And improved 1st person gun model views (not the final ones though)
* Ammoboxes on Closefire changed -> less grenadespamming
* Closefire missing and wrong shadows fixed

At this point we want to thank everyone for their feedback concerning bugs, suggestions and balance issues.

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