Raven Shield patch 1.3 released

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Subject: Raven Shield patch 1.3 released

Those of you out there that play Raven Shield will want to upgrade to patch 1.3. Read below for an overview and detail list of fixes. Also the have integrated with Punkbuster and both teams are working on another patch to rid of hacks and cheats.


Highlights of patch 1.3 include optimizations to prevent frame-rate drop during firefights and a new ban system that allows hosts to ban ubi.com Rainbow Six® 3 IDs instead of player IPs.

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Full Story:

- Optimization to prevent frame rate drop during firefights: We now only spawn one non-visible impacts out of 16. This reduces the number of decals and the number of particles/wall effects. Also, first-person weapons are no longer affected by projectors.

- Fixed map download: There's now a visual effect related to downloading the map. Map files are saved to a temporary folder and allow you to play immediately after downloading.

- Server restrictions now work correctly for high capacity magazines, demolition kits, electronic kits, lock pick kits, and gas masks.

- Name change restrictions: To prevent people from giving away enemy positions by changing their name, the Name and Setname functions only allow one change every 60 seconds.

- Ban system: Implemented a new ban system linked to CD-Key. When a host bans a player, the ubi.com ID number of the banned player appears on the player banlist.ini. This player may no longer join the server. To un-ban a player, the host needs to delete the appropriate player number. If you would like to know your ubi.com ID use the command "myid" in the console. This ID number will also be listed in the ravenshield.ini file.

- Sound bug: Fixed a sound bug that makes the editor crash when you convert stereo sound to mono.

- All-Seeing Eye: ASE is now officially supported by RVS.

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