Raven Shield 1.2 Patch

Posters Name: Kagato
Posters Email: kagato@mwgl.org
Subject: Raven Shield 1.2 Patch

According to Ubi Soft's homepage for Raven Shield there's supposed to be a 1.2 Patch released today. Word floating around the net is that it has been released, though there are no official links to it as of yet. I'll update/add links when they become available. Here's a list of what all has been changed/updated:

Patch 1.2 Summary:

  • Enables interoperability between localized versions with different alphabets for internet games.
  • Fixes the "ready button" problem (where players could not press it and had to wait for the in-between round timer to run out).
  • Fixes the crash issue with the server list. The list is now displayed in a multi-page format with a maximum of 400 servers per page.
  • The server filter settings are now kept even when you quit the game.
  • Karma (ragdoll effect) has been updated, after much research inspired, in part, by what the community has done.
  • Includes support for future Linux and Windows stand alone dedicated servers.
  • Removed the network connection check that was done even when in single player mode.

    **UPDATED** - Patch can be found at Gamershell and Worthplaying.

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