Bendable Ultra-Thin Screen Developed

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Subject: Bendable Ultra-Thin Screen Developed

Technology, it just keeps getting better and better. Case in point, the folks at E-Ink have been working for awhile now on a new, flat screen that is as thin as paper (if not thinnger) that could replace things such as the newspaper. Well, it appears as if they're a step closer to this goal according to this news blurb over at Excite News. Apparently they have a working model that is only 3 human hairs in width.

Chen and his co-workers made the 3-inch wide display screen flexible by developing a stainless steel foil topped with a thin layer of circuits that control an overlying film of electronic ink.

That "ink," developed in 1997 by a Massachusetts Institute of Technology scientist, contains tiny capsules with black and white particles with opposing electrical charges floating in a clear fluid.

When a negative voltage is run through circuits behind these capsules, the positive white particles move to the capsule's top. A positive current does the same to the negative black particles.

The human eye blends these resulting patterns of black- or white-topped capsules into text displayed in a traditional column.

Currently, information and power is fed to the screen through a wired hookup. But Chen's team is working on a self-contained system that could receive data through a wireless connection.
Now if they can get some color going and be able to handle some high refresh rates, imagine what it'd do to the world of gaming. That'd be one less 40+ lb piece of equipment you'd have to haul around to LAN parties.
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