Wireless Networking - New Choice In The Works

Posters Name: Kagato
Posters Email: kagato@mwgl.org
Subject: Wireless Networking - New Choice In The Works

Nowadays, it seems like everybody's talking wireless. From 802.11a, 802.11b, and all the way to 802.11g, there's a variety of choices for consumers alike. Well, now it appears that Intel, Nokia, Proxim, and a bunch of other companies have branded together to launch WiMax. The a non-profit group was founded to certify and promote the upcoming IEEE 802.16 wireless networking standard. So what's so different about the 802.16 standard over its 802.11x brethren? How about "up to 31 miles of linear service area range and allows users connectivity without a direct line of sight to a base station" all at a jawdropping speed of 70Mbps. Definately a great step in the wireless direction. Where do I sign up?!
Source: TMCnet (http://www.tmcnet.com/enews/041103i.htm)

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