Galactic Civilizations Patch

Posters Name: Kagato
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Subject: Galactic Civilizations Patch

Players of Strategy First's Galactic Civilizations, be sure to snag their new v1.02 patch. Now before you even ask what the game is about, it's single player space based strategy game. What? You thought FPS was the only genre of games still made today? Changess/Updates in the patch include:

  • New cut scene: Death of enemy players shown.
  • Option for ships to leave orbit when built
  • Aliens are much more crafty at bargaining
  • Various AI improvements
  • Players can toggle mini map / planet list when viewing planets
  • Trade proposal updates on the fly when offering money
  • Several new galactic events
  • Some new United Planets resolutions
  • Enhanced Metaverse updates
  • Hundreds of minor playability enhancements based on player feedback
  • Several reported bugs fixed.

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