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Doom 3. You've heard about. You've seen the screenshots. You know it's gonna pound your gaming rig into a smoldering pile of scrap. But how much longer are gamers going to have to wait until it's unholy powers are unleashed upon us, and what exactly do the programming wizards do all day? Well, Wired have posted the article from it's magazine online talking with some of the folks there, their feelings on the project, and more on the gaming goodness that is Doom 3.

These days, the employees at id need to play with pain. They're hard at work on Doom III, which is already a shoo-in for event of the year in the $10.8 billion videogame industry, even though it's not expected out until fall. In the dozens of times I've come here to research Masters of Doom, my book about John Carmack and his ex-partner, John Romero, I've never seen id's office as focused as it is now. There are no CDs whizzing into walls like Frisbees. No keyboards being hammered during Quake III marathons. No screams of the traditional shooter deathmatch taunt, "Suck it down!" Right now, the only things being sucked down are the brownies and coffee in the kitchen - a caffeine-sugar slammer to fortify the troops for yet another late night.
No word on exactly when we may see this in stores, but it sounds as if a new demo may be floating out soon,w00t!
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