C# - Now Part Of Your Daily Curriculum

Posters Name: Kagato
Posters Email: kagato@mwgl.org
Subject: C# - Now Part Of Your Daily Curriculum

In yet another turn of "What you can buy when you have an arseload of money", Microsoft made an announcement today reguarding their "joint initiative" (i.e. here's a bucket load of cash) with the University of Waterloo. Basically, in addition to the normal classes required for electrical and computer engineers to base, there is now a mandatory course on C#. "Completion of this course will be mandatory for students entering the E&CE program.". Guess they figure since big business isn't adopting C# as quickly as they'd like, they'll take the Apple Computer route and try to stupify them while they're still in school. Programmers alike should probably start beefing up on C# (*cough* ) as Microsoft may come knocking at your place of employment, offer a bit of cash for some "joint initiative" and require that all their programmers have a background in C#. Hmm, wonder how hard it'd be to port Q3 to C#?

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