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Can you tell where I would rather be????

In further QuakeCon coverage, our own local Blue Springs, MO, native Johnathan Wendell (aka Fatal1ty), won his match today against a Brazilian Quake dueler. You are suppposed to be able to check tournament standings at The Zone. However, I have had problems connecting all day.

On another cool note ... In addition to listening to live coverage of QuakeCon (see earlier post), you can also watch all the tournament games. These are the instructions from Red Barchetta at Gamers TV:

Starting Thursday we will be providing full coverage of the tournaments with GTV (Quake3) and WolfTV, programs which allow you to watch LIVE on your own computer. Speakeasy will be providing enough servers and bandwidth for all to watch, and Clanbase will have some European relays.

Using GTV and WolfTV is easy. To watch the Quake 3 (GTV) matches simply connect to using Quake 3. To watch WolfTV follow the install instructions, and then connect to using RtCW. After connecting you can use the gtv_nextgame and gtv_nextview (or tv_nextgame and tv_nextview for WolfTV) commands to watch. You will also need the latest version of the OSP mod. Additional server IPs and help will be available in IRC. Here is a list of official IRC event channels:

IRC server -

And you can also get help and information on the GamersTV page. We hope to see you there!

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