Doom III Confirmed For Xbox

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Subject: Doom III Confirmed For Xbox

More news arising from QuakeCon today (go figure). This time the news comes from Id software's own John Carmack, who confirmed that Doom III will be released as an Xbox title. Word:

Id Software had previously expressed interest in doing an Xbox version of its upcoming first-person shooter, but hadn't confirmed that there would be a console version of the game. Today during his keynote at QuakeCon, id's John Carmack said that the Xbox is the only console platform that id is "completely committed" to releasing Doom III on. Carmack further commented that the Xbox version will have the "full graphics fidelity" of the PC version, which made a major debut at this year's E3, where it won a number of awards.
Ok, now there's two reasons to own an Xbox, Doom III and Panzer Dragoon Orta.

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