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Subject: The Sims Online Preview

You've heard the talk, now thanks to the folks at Gamespy, you can see a bit more about what's behind the upcoming title, The Sims Online. For those of you who prefer a care-free, virtual world (well, you've still got girlfriends in the virtual world too, so it's not all that care-free of a place,haha), read on :

The best part of The Sims Online is being someone your not. The main thing I noticed in the game -- as in the real world -- is that most of the players online flock together, chat with each other, and mimic each other's actions. It's hard to say how this will translate on a larger scale -- especially when one player's character will depend on others to earn a living. Sure, I could go online and be a total ass at the club, but then no one would patronize the establishment, and I'd lose my job. So, also as in real life, the usual social courtesies apply.
Electronic Arts is aiming for a 4Q 2002 release of this title, and if they hit it, I imagine we could see a rather interesting mix of holiday sales. If you'd rather skip over the "blah blah blah" and see some shots from the game, head here.
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