Mowing The Lawn Via The Internet?

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Subject: Mowing The Lawn Via The Internet?

With some of the heat we've had this summer, don't you wish there was a way to keep the lawn trimmed without all the sweat and stress? Well, these guys may have an answer for you. Snip:

Four Albany researchers have built a machine to answer the prayers of every gardener on the planet. The South African quartet have built a robotic lawnmower. It needs no human involvement, except for the click of a mouse. Instead of sweating away on a Sunday afternoon trying to mow long grass, the robot will keep the grass trimmed after a simple command over the internet.
Amazing what you can rig up using a laptop these days, although I would hate to see the result of a hacker getting ahold of your lawnmower and terrorizing the neighborhood, you know, like your neighbor's prized flowerbed, hehe.
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