QuakeCon 2002 Coverage

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Subject: QuakeCon 2002 Coverage

Well, as many of you gamers know, the festivities at this years QuakeCon kick off today and GameSpy is there to bring you coverage of this yearly fragfest. Snip:

There hasn't been an official exhibitor lineup released for QuakeCon 2002, but there is one game that we know will be shown off for sure: DOOM 3. id and Activision have brought their massive award-winning E3 display down to Texas and have dropped it right in the middle of the show for everyone to enjoy. (All attendees are being given a ticket for one showing.) In addition, a DOOM 3 demonstration is planned for 2 p.m. Friday afternoon (3 p.m. EST, noon PST), and we suspect there could be some new footage shown. Rumor has it that the demo from E3 has been expanded from 11 to 15 minutes, and that the Friday afternoon demonstration will include the developers playing the game live.
For those wanting to skip it all and head for the goods, there are direct links for the new DOOM III screenshots as well as Elite Force 2.
Source: GameSpy (http://www.gamespy.com/articles/august02/quakecon2002/preview/)

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