HL/CS Client FIles Released

Posters Name: Curve
Posters Email: curve@mwgl.org
Subject: HL/CS Client FIles Released

The client side files have been released, and this will complete the patching process. For the third time, you can download from the FilePlanet mirrors (links found below), grab a link from CSNation's temp mirror page, or wait for the glorious Squirre1 to put them up.

FilePlanet links:
Half-Life Client [Full English Client]
Half-Life 1110 Client (Upgrade from 1108)

Counter Strike v1.5 Updater Patch (Non-Retail version)
Counter-Strike 1.5 Full Mod Client (Non-Retail version)

Counter-Strike v1.5 Retail Update
Counter-Strike v1.5 Full Retail Patch

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