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Subject: Regarding CS 1.5

Here's a little something important for those of you who have your F1 and F2 keys bound to something in Counter-Strike:

to make F1 and F2 rebindable go to your Half-Life or CS retail directory, open the valve subdirectory, and then the cl_dlls subdir. Rename the GameUI.dll to something else, like GameUI.bak (so it's easy to remember). These keys will be used for Tracker and the Viewdemo command in future versions.
Also, there's an issue with NextWish scripts not working in 1.5. While some sites will just leave it at that and give you an alternative program, such as, RzE's CS Helper, luckily you're reading this. So, if you don't wanna mess around with a new script setup and just want to keep your NextWish, here's what you do: 1) copy your nwcs1.cfg and nwcs2.cfg files from your NextWish directory (inside your cstrike directory) into your cstrike directory; 2) add these lines to your autoexec.cfg "exec nwcs1.cfg" and "exec nwcs2.cfg", without the quotes, of course. There you go. All fixed, thanks to your friendly neighborhood Anthos. :) Cheers.
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